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Meet Your Head Camp Counselor, Emmy Award-winning media entrepreneur Natalie MacNeil

Hi, I’m Natalie, founder of The Conquer Club and She Takes on the World, listed by Forbes on “Top 10 Sites for Entrepreneurial Women.”

My superpowers are fiercely focused implementation, a magnetic mindset, and the ability to always see the next best step to take. I can accomplish more in one hour than some people do in a day. That’s how I help our Conquer Club members, and it’s what I want to help you with too. Conquer Camp is the best FREE experience I have ever created, and it’s only available for the next two weeks so don’t miss it! It’s also your first chance to dive into materials from my next book, The Conquer Kit, being published with the Perigee imprint of Penguin Random House in December.

Conquer Camp is a free virtual business incubator designed to give you a taste of The Conquer Club, our year-long implementation incubator for ambitious entrepreneurs.

There’s a Rumi quote I love: “Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan your flames.” These 14 days are designed to fan your flames, and help you build (or rebuild) your business so it runs like a dream, allowing you to focus more on the heart-centered work you love. You’ll be identifying your Conqueror Archetype (an activity from my upcoming book), and choosing from one of three missions to accomplish – with our mentorship and support – during the two weeks of Camp.

My promise: These two high-velocity, crazy fun weeks of Conquer Camp will be the most powerful, productive weeks of your year. Period. 

(Plus, there are action-packed workbooks, campfires, ghost stories, and digital activities galore.)

If you’ve been putting off :


Writing key pages of content for your site


Building set-it-and-forget-it systems, and processes for your clients and team


Managing your money in a way that fast tracks your goals


Pitching your brilliance for interviews, live gigs, guest expert spots, and beyond, to stand out as a trusted expert

This is your chance to conquer some of those important milestones and goals that you want to achieve before the end of 2015 – with support from me, and a team of experts who will be your acting Conquer Camp Counselors. The first three sessions of Camp are already live, and you’ll get instant access when you join!

This is what I’ll be teaching, alongside a team of mentors and members from The Conquer Club:

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And we go beyond where free trainings and even paid programs usually leave off:

  • You’ll get a live coaching call with me on Friday October 23rd where you can ask me anything and get my input on what you’re working on right now.
  • Plus, my in-house systems expert and our Community Manager in The Conquer Club, Kelly Azevedo, will be hosting a live implementation call on Wednesday October 28th to help you create better systems and make sure you’re taking action on what you’re learning.

And the best part?

This high-level experience, including the workbooks, training videos and recordings, campfire chat sessions, and coaching calls, are absolutely FREE. And you can join Camp from anywhere with an internet connection!